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Link Medical has quarterly competitions amongst our practice representatives/teams. This competition is based on efforts and activities made throughout the months. 

Q1 Winner

Tiffany Keever was our “Superstar” winner for the most accomplishments made on her accounts behalf.  We couldn’t be more proud of Tiffany, she is hard-working, dedicated, and self motivated! 

Congratulations! 🎉🎈 

Highlights: Welcome
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Shyla Gonzalez

Shyla Gonzalez was born in Boston, MA. She moved to Austin in 2018. She has over five years of medical experience working in both hospital and clinic setting as a registered radiology technologist. Shyla’s hard work has risen her to a practice manager role which she’ve shown results in improving efficiency and productivity. Shyla is dedicated to her ability to build strong, collaborative relationships among healthcare partners. She’s well-versed gathering and interpreting data, keeping up with marketing trends and working with multiple social media platforms. Shyla’s creativity will be an asset to any medical office. To hear more about how Shyla can upgrade your marketing efforts.

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